À l’intérieur aka “Inside” (France 2007)

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Synopsis (possible spoiler): Still grieving over her recently deceased boyfriend, a pregnant woman becomes haunted by a mysterious woman.

First up – this movie is rated “R” for a reason. Forget any of the Hostel or Saw movies. To its credit, when you take away all the gore and fake blood, the movie is haunting and scary. The soundtrack works, the lighting is interesting. Disturbing, that’s for sure.

RT 100% (only 6 reviews) – IMDb 7.2/10 (over 1100 reviews)

(3 out of 5)

Princess (Denmark 2006)

Synopsis (possible spoiler): Due to his sister’s death, the 32 year old August returns and consequently abandons his profession as a missionary priest. His beloved sister Christina, who went from greatness to decay as the famous porn-star The Princess, is dead after years of drug abuse. She leaves behind her 5-year old daughter Mia, whom August feels obliged to take care of. Weighed down by grief and guilt he decides to revenge the dead of Christina – and takes Mia on a mission to destroy all existing pornographic material featuring The Princess. The mission escalates into a brutal and violent rout, where August is desperately trying to protect the only precious thing in his life, Mia, why he is forced to make a fatal decision. Written by Martin Stoltenborg Christensen

I don’t think this movie could’ve been made as a live action film without being NC17 or X. Interesting movie. (Nothing we haven’t seen before – however never in this context (Porn) and never as an innocent cartoon.). Please note: This is NOT Disney!

RT: 55%IMDb: 6.7/10

(4 out of 5)

Angel-A (France 2005)

Synopsis (spoiler): André, a small-time ex-convict, seems to owe money to everyone in Paris, including a crime boss who promises to kill him if he doesn’t repay him by midnight. After failing to find protection from the American embassy and the French police, a despairing André scrambles onto a bridge over the Seine, intending to leap to his death. He is surprised to see a tall, beautiful girl clinging to a rail on the same bridge, apparently preparing to end her life as well. She jumps, and he jumps too, suddenly resolving to save her life. After scrambling ashore, she tells him her name is Angel-A. Together, they take a cruise on the Seine, repay André’s creditors, visit a Parisian nightspot, and more, as Angel-A helps André. He learns that for this purpose she has fallen out of the sky and into his life. André finds himself falling in love with this mysterious beauty.

Typical Luc Besson, stylish, clever, sexy and funny. And Rie Rasmussen is amazing. (And yeah, it’s a bit much towards the end…)

Low ratings on RottenTomatoes however RT: 45% – it fared better on IMDB: 6.7/10.

Here the Trailer:

(4 out of 5)

4 foreign favorites

                    Amelie                                     Amores Perros
                 France 2001                                  Spain 2000
         RT: 90% IMDB: 8.6/10                    RT: 92% IMDB: 8.2/10

           The Dinner Game                               Life is Beautiful
               France 1998                                       Italy 1997 
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