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The Forbidden Kingdom (USA 2008)


It was nice. Not really engaging in either the story line, the fighting or towards the characters. I was not disappointed expecting a certain amount of overacting from Jackie Chan and the Hong-Kong movie genre in general (and bad wigs too).

There sure were a lot of people hanging on wires! I just got bored after the first half of the movie, and the fact almost all scenes are spoken in English doesn’t necessarily help (what’s Gong Fu?).

There must be a love story in there somewhere, or a buddy story, or a teacher/student story. None of them worked for me – it was a bit of everything, and not enough of anything. Well, except for the fighting. Great ideas and excellent choreography made that part of the movie fun (hence the 3 and not 2 out of 5).

Oh, and in places the Soundtrack sounded like an old Western classic. (Job well done, if it was intentional).

Anyways, it’s just about perfect for a Saturday afternoon, but not a keeper, at least not for me.

Fair rating at RT 62%, way too high on IMDb 7.3/10

(3 out of 5)

Don’t bother: Black Water (AUS 2007)


I was intrigued by the premise of the film. Stuck in the Australian outback with only crocks around. I was hoping for some interesting ideas (as there really is no story to build upon). Granted, it is based on real events, but still, as a movie it’s just not that interesting. There were some scenes I enjoyed, simply for the fact that the movie is all about ‘things jumping into camera’ from all kind of directions. Almost all of the movie happens with people sitting in trees. Once again, my taste seems off: RT 79% IMDb 6.1/10

Don’t bother: Black Sheep (NZ 2007)

Picture 1.jpg

I have no idea how this movie was rated so highly on RT 71% and IMDb 6.1. It’s not like I didn’t want to watch it until the end, but it was close. I lost pretty much all interest after the first 20 minutes and just continued watching to see what kind of gore effects they could come up with. It’s really a one-gag movie. And it might work for people who have seen sheeps in the last 12 months – for all other people, pass it on… not worth the time.